San Pellegrino Sparkling Plastic 500ml



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San Pellegrino Sparkling Plastic 500ml


The S.Pellegrino sources have been monitored through geological and hydrological studies, which have analyzed each phase of the water’s journey to fully understand its origin and taste. The water outflows from the snow and the rain that infiltrate in the high dolomitic mountains (1200-1300 meter ASL), and takes at least 30 years to finally arrive at the sources, positioned at the foothills of the mountains, at an elevation of 350 meter ASL (above sea level).

Preparation and Usage:

Best served chilled



Store in a clean, cool, dry and odourless place, away from direct sunlight and freezing temperatures.Best Before End: See Side of Filmpack


Nutritional Data:

Nutrition (mg/L)
Sulphate SO4 2- 402
Bicarbonate HCO3 243
Calcium Ca2+ 164
Magnesium Mg2+ 49.5
Chloride Cl- 49.4
Total Dissolved Solids (at 180°C): mg/L 854
Sodium Na+ 31.2
Silica Residue SiO2 7.1
Nitrate NO3- 2.9
Strontium Sr2+ 2.7
Potassium K+ 2.2

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